Perfectly dressed jewelry not only complements our clothes; Jewelry Trends in 2020 will be a little different than usual years. It supports our overall appearance as well. Creativity is the only constant in the jewelry industry. But, keeping up with patterns that change with the new season can be overwhelming. 2021 will be the year of edgy and lavish bits of jewelry creating a point. Though contemporary pieces have controlled the market in the last years, this year's attention will be on Indian crafts and their variations. Let’s have a look at Jewelry Trends in 2021.

Gold tones

From Kundan's Hasli necklace to thick, royal, and stylish Meenakari necklace and earrings, conventional fashionable jewelry pieces are back on style. The emphasis is on classic gold, again. Long and heavy Raani haar will give the oomph to your look, with delicate work and extensive gold sets. Old jewelry is a favorite among many of a more modern palate for a long time.

Indo-Western fusion

Modern jewelry with Indian and Western fashion features takes the lead for millennials. Pleasant and eccentric jewelry to the ever-stylish white, the warm mix of Indian and Western jewelry styles takes center stage. We can hope to see them in the shape of bangles in mirror-studded silver hoops, jhumkas in silver earrings with long fringes. These styles are simple yet elegant.

Delicate styles

Although the statement pieces are often fantastic, exquisite jewelry is also part of this season. There are several choices, from the studded anklets as a timeless and contemporary necklace to a beautiful and erudite pearl earring. A good idea is an elegant necklace that accentuates a woman's neck. There's always little that brings more beauty to every look than the pearls.

Tanjore pieces

The jewelry industry today accommodates unique or specific works further. That is why items from Tanjore are so prominent in demand. Tanjore or fashion jewelry fits very well for people who are adventurous by design and who can wear daring objects. For exquisite designs, these items will display gods and goddess motifs. Such pieces are not chunky and are a new addition to traditional temple jewelry.

Explosion of colors

It is also good to own colorful jewelry in your set because it can quickly render a plain and monochrome appears vivid. It can complement the hues of different vibrant outfits as well. When it comes to cosmetics, nude colors may be fashionable, but jewelry is more about bright colors. Neon jewelry is also already emerging as a show-stealer.

Tassel Earrings

"A nice pair of earrings is practically the final touch to every dress. It gives your aura a shout-out. It offers an exterior covering to what you've been carrying. The end description of your statement style is a nice pair of earrings. There are earrings with tassels. They are a highlight of your presence and can transform every simple look into an Indo western theme.

Crochet Jewelry

The latest sensations women are drooling about these days are crocheted jewelry bits. Gorgeous parts of the collar, elegant earrings, trendy bracelets, and finger rings may all crafted from crochet thread and crochet hooks. Through utilizing pearls, beads, and pins, the elegance and charm of these crochet jewelry designs can improve.

Oxidized Jewelry

 It has popularity among young people and is known as the new jewelry patterns. Oxidized jewelry offers the customer a retro look. A stroll into retro is potentially what they want. You can style oxidized accessories with almost any kind of dress that you are putting on!

So when are you updating your jewelry collection with jewelry trends in 2021?